Mindfulness may seem like a bit if a buzz word right now, but it has literally been a life saver for some.

Far from being something we need complete peace and quiet for, mindfulness can be practiced at work or even in the middle of a busy supermarket!

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Let it Go!

Have Trouble letting go?

This common problem, so beautifully (but perhaps not tactfully!) illustrated in the eponymous Theme song from ‘Frozen’ has the right idea.

As adults, we can be accused of holding on to grudges or resentment for far too long, and when you stop to think about it – What does a grudge actually do? It really makes no sense and causes us to be miserable.

Counselling opens avenues to be explored in the safety of a stable environment. Why are you holding on? Where did you learn to ‘not let go?’ Who is being hurt? What would it be like to let go?

The benefits of an Integrative Counsellor mean that if one model of counselling does not work for you, we can try another. Not everyone processes things the same way, why should it be different for Counselling?

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